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How do I navigate the header?

The header offers a variety of features, including accessing the marketplace to view and filter RFPs, checking important updates on the dashboard, reading resources on the blog, and managing organization and user profiles.

The header for respondents is customized for your usage.

1. Prosal Home: Clicking on the Prosal logo will take you to the marketplace, where you can view and filter all RFPs, explore your folders, and submit proposals.

2. Dashboard: In the dashboard, you can see important updates to your account, return to your onboarding, visit Slack, and explore new resources

3. Marketplace: This is where the magic happens! From the marketplace, you can see all the RFPs in the marketplace, filter across several different filters such as budget and submission deadline, and organize them based on your preferences and submissions.

4. Blog: Read and download all of our resources, including proposal templates, case study worksheets, example RFPs, and how to succeed on Prosal

You can use the top right icons for notifications and profiles to trigger a dropdown to access the following

5. Organization: Manage your organization and its users on Prosal, including inviting users and updating credentials.

6. Profile: Fill out your profile's key details, including your areas of expertise, client parameters, and project preferences, so we can match you with the right RFPs.

7. Settings: Manage your account settings, email permissions, and existing plan.

8. Sign Out: Sign out of your existing account